Managements Systems


Businesses always face challenges, such as cost reduction, efficiency of operation without a compromise on safety, quality, brand and reputation. Balancing these and other business requirements is difficult. The following MDU Spec management system development services can help you with this:

  • HSE Management System Development, support in setting the standards and objectives for the quality of HSE performance by developing and effective HSE Management System, based on OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001
  • HSE Case development, documenting your systematic risk management approach to maintain and improve HSE and operational performance, based on IADC guidelines.
  • Emergency Response Planning (ERP) Development, describing the systematic activities of your organization to optimally manage its risks, the associated potential threats and impacts there from.

Other Management Systems MDU Spec can develop for you are:

Quality Management System (based on ISO 9001. Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001). International Safety Management (ISM). International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS).

Equipment Inspection Workshops


Planned maintenance and correct inspections are essential for the proper functioning of equipment and machinery, reduction of downtime and personnel safety. MDU Spec’s Inspection Workshop (EIW) presents the correct inspection and maintenance procedures needed to ensure the integrity of equipment on equipment employed on upstream and downstream assets.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)


MDU Spec can provide in house Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training for (HSE) staff at all levels with in onshore or the offshore industry. The MDU Spec in house training focuses on ‘Hazard Awareness’, ‘Workplace Risk Assessment and Control’, and ‘Accident and Incident Investigation’ and is specifically tailored to our clients individual management systems to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Marine Safety Survey


Is your workforce’s training/ qualifications/ emergency response of critical marine and emergency equipment compliant with company/ industry standards?

MDU Spec can conduct a Marine Safety Survey to verify the required compliance.

Acceptance Survey


Are you purchasing/ contracting a new build/ refurbished drilling rig? Is it fit for purpose? Does it comply with the required standards and or your contractual agreements? MDU Spec can help you verify contract compliance by conducting an Acceptance Survey.

The acceptance Survey is conducted by using MDU Spec’s Acceptance Guidelines Programme, which includes testing of all equipment and systems to verify their condition and performance.

Mechanical & Electrical Training


MDU Spec Mechanical Rotating Equipment and Electrical courses can benefit you in gaining a solid industrial basis in Industrial Mechanic or Electrical. Gaining an in depth knowledge of how and why equipment can develop faults and consequently fail.

Audit and Review


Do you want an independent assessment of the performance of your management system? Or would you like to have an independent assessment of your contractor’s organization and management system? The following MDU Spec Audit and Review services can help you achieve this:

  • HSE Management System Audits: based on OHSAS 18001/ ISO 14001 standards.
  • Quality Management System Audits: based on the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Crew Competence Assessment: to verify the competence of your and you contractor’s personnel.
  • Contractor Evaluation Audit: to evaluate your contractor’s capabilities, for example as part of a tender process.


MDU Spec can also provide Environmental Management audits, Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulation audits (LOLER), International Safety Management audits (ISM) and International Ship and Port Facility Security audits (ISPS).

Selection Survey


Are you seeking assurance that a potential charter for your new drilling campaign is fit for purpose ? MDU Spec can assist you with visual Selection Survey’s which provide you with a snapshot of the condition of your shortlisted hardware, whilst providing you with advice on the best option, based on your requirements.

‘Ex’ Plant and Equipment Survey


MDU Spec are leading industry specialists on Equipment Rated for Use in Potentially Hazardous Atmospheres. We are uniquely qualified to assist you in creating Hazardous Area Registers, conduct Visual, Close and Detailed inspections. MDU Spec are also able to train your personnel on the principles of protection used by ‘Ex’ equipment as well as how to maintain such expensive and specialised equipment.

Dropped Object Survey


In addition to a Condition Survey or as a stand-alone service, MDU Spec can help you to increase the safety and reliability of your rig. We do this by identifying objects that are at risk of falling from the derrick or other structures, such as bolts or lifting points that are improperly added to structural members.

Value Assessment


Do you need to know the economic value of your rig/ rig let? Based on the new price of the major equipment, MDU Spec can, with onsite inspections, define the depreciation percentage of your equipment. In doing so, MDU Spec can provide you with an accurate estimate of your asset value, using a methodology recognized by major banks and insurance companies.

Full Asset Condition Survey


Are you about to commence a drilling operation or are you planning on contracting a drilling rig?

MDU Spec’s Full Rig Condition Survey can provide you with an accurate insight into the state of the maintenance and working conditions of the equipment and systems on any drilling unit.

Compliance Survey


Does the asset comply with your company Safety and Operating standards?

MDU Spec can carry out a Compliance Survey to verify that your asset’s current status is fit for purpose. For contractual matters, a Certificate of Compliance can be issued on request.

Risk Assessments


Managing risk is of paramount importance for business continuity and the realization of your profit potential. Other Risk Assessments which can be executed by us are Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Escape and Rescue Assessments (EERA). All risk assessments are executed following ISO 31000 standards. MDU Spec can help you with this by identifying operational and project related risks, using the following methodologies:

  • Risk Assessment Workshops to identify and rate risks related to people, environment, assets, reputation etc.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Accident/ Incident Investigation: a method to find the root causes of an accident and the improvements in order to avoid new accidents and incidents.
  • Hazard and Operability Assessment (HAZOP): using guide words which question the design or operating conditions at each step in the design, process, procedures or system.
  • Failure Mode, Effect (and Criticality) Analysis (FMEA, FMECA), to determine the ways in which components or systems can fail, the effects, the mechanisms of failure and how to avoid them.
  • Bow Tie Analysis, starting from fault and event trees, describing and analyzing the pathways of a risk from causes to consequences and possible barriers.